23.6.17, New findings on transcription regulation in bacteria

The Schroeder lab has discovered a novel layer of transcription regulation in bacteria. The new findings have recently been published in the journal Molecular Cell:

Natural RNA Polymerase Aptamers Regulate Transcription in E. coli.  Nadezda Sedlyarova, Philipp Rescheneder, Andrés Magán, Niko Popitsch, Natascha Rziha, Ivana Bilusic, Vitaly Epshtein, Bob Zimmermann, Meghan Lybecker, Vitaly Sedlyarov, Renée Schroeder, and Evgeny Nudler.
Mol Cell. 2017 Jul 6;67(1):30-43.e6.

©Nadezda Sedlyarova/University of Vienna
©Nadezda Sedlyarova/ University of Vienna


The study –carried out in collaboration with other researchers from Vienna and from New York– describes a novel class of cis-acting RNA signals found ubiquitously in the E.coli genome that control bacterial transcription.

Our doctoral programme is very happy for this achievement of Nadezda, DK RNA Alumna and first author of this story, and the other co-authors of this study who are associated to our doctoral programme: Andrés and Philipp (current students) as well as Ivana and Bob (alumni).

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