RNA Network History of RNA


Congratulation to Brian Reichholf from the Ameres Lab at IMBA for successfully defending his PhD thesis “Dissecting the kinetics of microRNA biogenesis and turnover in living cells” today! (read more)

Congratulation to Poala Pinto from the Martinez Group at the Max Perutz Labs for successfully defending her PhD thesis on “Identification of ANGEL as a novel and unique eukaryotic family of RNA 2’,3’-cyclic phosphatases” today! (read more)


Congratulations to Prajakta Bajad from the M. Jantsch Lab at the MedUni Vienna: Today she successfully defended her PhD defense “Understanding the phenotype of ADAR1 deficient mice“! (read more)

Congratulation to Andrés Magan Garcia from the Schroeder Lab at the Max Perutz Labs for impressively defending his PhD thesis “The role of RNA polymerase-binding RNA aptamers in Escherichia coli transcription” today! (read more)