RNA Network History of RNA


Two new papers from the Brennecke Lab (IMBA), published last week in Cell and in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, describe “adaptive radiation” of RNA export proteins. (read more)

The Ameres Lab (IMBA) revealed a comprehensive & quantitative view on the timescales and molecular features of miRNA biogenesis, loading, and turnover in living cells by employing the innovative transcriptomics method SLAMseq on small RNAs. Their work has just been published in Molecular Cell! Congratulation! (read more)


You are invited to our guest seminar by Prof. Elena Evguenieva-Hackenberg (University Giessen):
“Functions in trans of trp attenuator sRNA and leader peptide” (read more)

Congratulation to Brian Reichholf from the Ameres Lab at IMBA for successfully defending his PhD thesis “Dissecting the kinetics of microRNA biogenesis and turnover in living cells” today! (read more)