In collaboration with Open Science ( and the FH Campus Vienna (, the doctoral school in RNA biology made a great video about vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 (in German).

The video explains the process of vaccination, differences and similarities between mRNA – and vector-based vaccines and the emergence and challenges of new viral variants.

Congratulations to Aleksej Drino from Matthias Schäfer Group at the Medical University of Vienna, Center for Anatomy & Cell Biology for successfully defending his PhD thesis “Biochemical identification of protein-tRNA fragment interactions” on March 5th!

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New Publication by Andrea Barta together with Ezequiel Petrillo and Maria Kalyna in Nucleic Acids Research

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Microsymposium on Small RNA Biology“ organized by IMBAIMPGMI and the Max Perutz Labs as well as by the RNA community of the Vienna BioCenter.

Abstract deadline: March 11th 2021

Registration deadline: April 12th 2021
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