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Some pictures & videos of us, visits, our events and science communication activities.

2019 – Science outreach projects on Genome Editing

Our doctoral program on RNA Biology has joined forced with the non-profic scientific association Open Science for diverse public outreach activities on the highly topical subject of genome editing with CRISPR/Cas. See here a glimpse of the activities and material created in these project:

-) Hands-On station at the European Researchers’ Night 2019 in Vienna: see more about the event here and in this video:


-) Visual Facilitation Workshops at Austrian schools:
Guided by a professional visual facilitator, pupils discussed and dealt with the ethical and social aspects of genome editing with creative methods. Workshops were held in altogether 6 different Austrian high schools in Vienna. See the entire project report here (in German).

-) Webinar by Renée Schroeder on genome editing:
Renée Schroeder held a webinar on 23 October 2020 on the topic of genome editing with all its backgrounds and its implications. The free webinar was aimed, but not restriced to, biology and chemistry teachers throughout Austria. Attendees could also type in their questions live, which were discussed in the last 15 minutes of the 1,5-h webinar. More than 125 attendee participated live, and the webinar has been recorded and is freely available as online-video:

-) Hands-On station at the Center of Scientific Activities (CoSA) opening in Graz. See all about it here.

-) Hands-On station at the “Wiener Vorlesungen”, please see here.


2018 – FWF interview with Andrea Barta

(released Dec 2018)

Andrea Barta, head of our doctoral programme DK RNA Biology, emphasises the importance of basic research and the need to support it. And you get a glimpse of one of the research groups within our DK at work: the Martinez Lab at the Max Perutz Labs.

2018 Vienna RNA Meeting


This year’s Vienna RNA Meeting marked also the concluding conference of the Special Research Project SFB RNA-REG (RNA Regulation of the Transcriptome) after 8 successul years, co-organized together with the DK RNA Biology. For more on the conference, see here.

The conference dinner was turned a surprise farewell party for Prof. Renée Schroeder on the occasion of her retirement, with laudatory speeches held by Eric Westhof, long term scientific collaborator from the University of Strasbourg, Heinz W. Engel, Rector of the University of Vienna, Arndt von Haeseler (MFPL Scientific Director), Jan-Michael Peters (IMP Scientific Director), Artemis Vakianis (FWF Vice-President) and Michael Stampfer (WWTF Director).

2015 – Some of our RNA events:


 2013 Jan – Visit by Ministry of Science & FWF President

Austrian Federal Minister of Science & Research Karlheinz Töchterle and President of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Christoph Kratky visited the Max Perutz Labs and gained some insight into our PhD Program “DK RNA Biology” on 24th Jan 2013. Andrea Barta and Renée Schroeder, DK speaker and deputy speaker respectively, together with DK doctoral researcher Nadia Sedlyarova (née Tukhtubaeva) hosted them. See also the Uni Wien report.

photo credits: HBF/Scheibenbauer

2013 Vienna RNA Meeting


2012 Oct – Dining with the Nobel Laureates from the RNA field


What an exciting chance to dine with Elizabeth Blackburn and Thomas Steitz, two Nobel Laureates from the RNA World . The DK RNA Biology  & the SFB RNA-Reg organized the dinner for PhD students and post doc on 17 Oct 2012.


2012 Sept – Pupils of HLFS Ursprung host Prof. Schroeder in their school & visit her at MFPL