24.10.19, Webinar by Renée Schroeder on genome editing

We’re absolutely proud of yesterday’s webinar, with more than 125 attendees, by Renée Schroeder on the topic of genome editing with all its backgrounds and its implications. The free webinar was aimed, but not restriced to, biology and chemistry teachers throughout Austria, where attendees could also type in their questions live, which were discussed in the last 15 minutes of the 1,5-h webinar.

The webinar was co-organized and implemented by our doctoral program based at the Max Perutz Labs, together with Open Science, a non-profit organisation in science communication.

The fact that we virtually had no effort in attracting so many webinar attendees was definitely thanks to our webinar speaker Renée Schroeder, previously faculty member and one of the “founders” of our doctoral program in RNA Biology.

The webinar was recorded and will be available as video via www.openscience.or.at as soon as the final edits are done. Big thanks to zimtfilm, who operated the webinar technically and provided the best support we could ever imagine.