18.11.16, Two new PhD alumni: Jörg Fallmann & Florian Eggenhofer

Congratulations to Jörg Fallman, PhD, and Florian Eggenhofer, PhD, for their successful PhD graduation, both on 17th November 2016! Jörg Fallmann and Florian Eggenhofer performed their PhD studies in the group of Ivo Hofacker at TBI (Theoretical Biochemisty  at the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, University of Vienna).

Jörg defended his PhD thesis “Bioinformatical analysis of RNA – protein interactions in AU-rich element mediated decay”, followed by Florian defending his PhD thesis “Unsupervised construction, evaluation and visualisation of RNA family models”.

We are proud to have Jörg and Florian in our DK RNA Alumni Club and wish them all the best for their future!