6.12.19, SFB “RNA-DECO” – a new RNA-focused network program granted by FWF

A consortium of RNA researchers led by Michael Jantsch (MedUni Vienna) has been awarded one of the prestigious Special Research Program grants (SFB) of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): “RNA-DECO – decorating RNA for a purpose” brings together multidisciplinary expertise in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics and structural biology to address biophysical and biochemical questions in the emerging field of RNA modification biology.

Led by Michael Jantsch (MedUni Vienna), the consortrium comprises the research groups of Walter Rossmanith, Matthias Schäfer, Elisa Vilardo (all MedUni Vienna), Javier Martinez (Max Perutz Labs Vienna), Stefan Ameres (IMBA Vienna), Andrea Pauli (IMP Vienna), Ivo Hofacker (Uni Wien), Carrie Bernecky (IST Austria), Alexandra Lusser, Matthias Erlacher (both Medical University of Innsbruck) and Ronald Micura (University of Innsbruck).

SFB grants are exclusively given out to a consortium of researchers with an outstanding international track record. The selection is highly competitive and every year only a small fraction of scientists is able to obtain an SFB. The general objective of SFBs is to establish a highly productive, interdisciplinary research group to answer complex research questions.


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