20.2.20, Science outreach video: Interview with Stefan Ameres about CRISPR/Cas

The acceleration of the CRISPR/Cas technology and all its potential applications have created a media hype that the general public is confronted with. The “gene scissor”, as it is often referred to in the media, is already a well established genome editing tool with applications in basic research, medical research and agriculture in different parts of the world. With more and more advances in the field, what does that future hold?

In a video for the Austrian general public, Stefan Ameres, group leader at IMBA and faculty member of our Doctoral Program in RNA Biology, explains the mechanism of CRISPR/Cas and outlines its current applications. He also discusses important ethical and social aspects and shares his own view on where the advances are leading.

Andrea Barta, coordinator of our Doctoral Program in RNA Biology based at the Max Perutz Labs Vienna, points out the importance of supporting basic research, because discoveries such as those that led to the CRISPR/Cas tools, co-developed by researchers within our Doctoral Program, are only possible as a result of basic research.

Watch the full video right here, or on youtube.

We thank Open Science for planning and implementing this video with us, and Zimtfilm for the video production.

This interview video is part of the public outreach project “Genom-Editierung mit CRISPR/Cas” developed and realized by our Doctoral Program in RNA Biology based at the Max Perutz Labs Vienna together with Open Science.

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