17.1.13, RNA Lecture Series: 21st Jan. 2013

On Monday 21st January 2013 it’s the 3rd day of our RNA LECTURE SERIES, this time in the IMBA lecture hall (IMBA, Dr.-Bohr-Gasse 3, A-1030 Wien).
The schedule is

0900 – 1015: Frédéric Allain (ETH Zürich, Switzerland): Principle of RNA recognition by small RNA binding domains

1030 – 1145: Denise Barlow (Cemm, Vienna): Imprinted gene silencing by macro lncRNA transcriptional interference

1345 – 1500: Françoise Stutz (Univ. Geneva, Switzerland): Antisense transcription and gene silencing in yeast

1515 – 1630: Joost Gribnau (Erasmus MC, Netherlands): Xist action

1645 – 1800: Edouard Betrand (IGMM Montpellier, France): Transport and localization of RNA


Or DOWNLOAD the schedule here.