25.8.14, RNA Lecture Series 2014

Save these dates: 24 October, 21 November, 12 December 2014!

On each one of these Fridays 4 invited lecturers will give you the background knowledge to their area of research as well as a seminar on their current work. Confirmed speakers so far include Mark Helm (Univ. Mainz), Petr Svoboda (Prague), Matthias Hentze (EMBL Heidelberg), Jeffrey Chao (FMI Basel), Georg Stoecklin (Univ. Heidelberg), Reinhard Lührmann (Univ. Göttingen), Knud Nierhaus (MPI Berlin), …


This lecture series is announced via the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna. If you’re attending as a student and want to get ECTS credits, please register via your univis or medcampus account.