22.8.19, RNA editing regulated by pre-mRNA splicing

Congratulations to the M. Jantsch Lab (MedUni Vienna) on their recent findings on the cotranscriptional regulation between RNA editing and mRNA splicing, published this week in Genome Research:

A high resolution A-to-I editing map in the mouse identifies editing events controlled by pre-mRNA splicing.
Konstantin Licht*, Utkarsh Kapoor*, Fabian Amman, Ernesto Picardi, David Martin, Prajakta Bajad, Michael F. Jantsch.
Genome Research. 2019 Aug 19. *contributed equally

Their work provides a comprehenive map of ~ 90.000 novel A-to-I RNA editing events in the mouse brain transcriptome and reveals how the editing can be regulated by mRNA splicing.

Our doctoral program congratulates the whole team, especially Utkarsh, shared first author of this work and DK RNA Biology student, and Prajakta also co-author and DK RNA Biology alumna!