22.2.21, New publication by Andrea Barta

New Publication by Andrea Barta together with Ezequiel Petrillo and Maria Kalyna in Nucleic Acids Research

In a recent publication in Nucleic acid research Andrea Barta and colleagues discovered that splice variants of a given genes show distinct responses to the same amiRNA and that not all splice variants are cleaved by amiRISC, although they all harbor the amiRNA target site. This highlights the impact of complex interactions of different post-transcriptional processes on defining transcript fates and regulating gene expression.


Targeting alternative splicing by RNAi: from the differential impact on splice variants to triggering artificial pre-mRNA splicing

Fuchs A, Riegler S, Ayatollahi Z, Cavallari N, Giono LE, Nimeth AB, Mutanwad KV, Schweighofer A, Lucyshyn D, Barta A, Petrillo E, Kalyna M. Nucleic Acids Res. 2021 Jan 25;49(2):1133-1151.