5.3.21, New PhD graduate: Aleksej Drino, PhD!

Congratulations to Aleksej Drino from Matthias Schäfer Group at the Medical University of Vienna, Center for Anatomy & Cell Biology for successfully defending his PhD thesis “Biochemical identification of protein-tRNA fragment interactions” on March 5th!

Part of Aleksejs PhD study has been published in RNA Biology:

Production and purification of endogenously modified tRNA-derived small RNAs.

Drino A, Oberbauer V, Troger C, Janisiw E, Anrather D, Hartl M, Kaiser S, Kellner S, Schaefer MR.RNA Biol. 2020 Aug;17(8):1104-1115. doi: 10.1080/15476286.2020.1733798.

Congratulation to the great work and all the best for you, Aleksej!