20.5.14, eXtra RNA Seminar: Dr. Maurits Evers, 4pm, 26 May, sr3

We would like to invite you to following extra RNA Seminar:

From marsupials to microorganisms: With Bioinformatics into the world of microRNAs

Dr. Maurits Evers (University Regensburg, Institute of Functional Genomics)

Host: Arndt von Haeseler



MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short non-coding RNAs that play a central and multi-facetted role in the regulation of genes. Recent results elucidate much more complex aspects of miRNA biogenesis than previously expected. A crucial step towards improving our understanding of the functional role of miRNAs is the identification of corresponding miRNA genes. I will discuss computational approaches for identifying novel miRNAs, genome-wide and in different organisms. In this context I will demonstrate some of the bioinformatical challenges that arise from the analysis of genome-wide next-generation sequencing data. I will conclude with a brief outlook on new results suggesting the existence of surprising miRNA-related differences between two phylogenetically closely related organisms.