7.8.17, Dhaarsini wins Elevator Talk Prize

Congratulations to DK RNA fellow Dhaarsini Koneswarakantha (group Martinez, MFPL) for receiving the prize for Best Elevator Talk at the EMBO Conference on Redox Biology 2017.

Imagine you enter an elevator where you find someone you’ve always wanted to talk to about your work – the dean of your university, the editor of a journal, your highschool teacher, or Barak Obama. Or just any chatty person who simply starts:“Nice to meet you! So, what are you doing for living?”

Would you know how to explain your work in one minute, before the elevator doors open again and your audience leaves?

Dhaarsini can be very good in that! She got the prize for the Best 1-Minute-Elevator Talk at the EMBO Conference on Redox Biology, which took place 16-23 July 2017 in Russia (see here).  Among around 50 presenters, Dhaarsini was elected best in describing her project in one minute. She is studying the redox-regulation of the mammalian tRNA ligase complex.

Dhaarsini Koneswarakantha

Congratulations, Dhaarsini!