24.10.18, Vienna RNA Meeting 2018

The Vienna RNA Meeting 2018 took place 17-19 October at the Vienna Biocenter and was a big success – both in terms of the outstanding line-up of internationally renowned RNA expert as speakers, as well as the international echo of the meeting.


This time the Vienna RNA Meeting marked also the concluding conference of the SFB RNA Regulation of the Transcriptome (SFB RNA REG) after eight successful years, and was organized together with the Doctoral Program in RNA Biology (DK RNA Biology).

After two and half days of excellent lectures and lively science discussions, the meeting ended with a very special conference dinner: It was transformed into a surprise retirement party to celebrate Renée Schroeder and her achievements.

Laudatory speeches were held by Eric Westhof, long term scientific collaborator from the University of Strasbourg, and by Heinz W. Engel, Rector of the University of Vienna. Furthermore, Renée’s continuous and significant contributions to the MFPL, the Vienna BioCenter campus and the whole life science community in Vienna and Austria were acknowledged by Arndt von Haeseler (MFPL Scientific Director), Jan-Michael Peters (IMP Scientific Director), Artemis Vakianis (FWF Vice-President) and Michael Stampfer (WWTF Director).

Renée Schroeder, now retiring as Professor of RNA Biochemistry at the University of Vienna, has been a prominent figure at the MFPL and the Vienna BioCenter. She played an essential part in fostering the Viennese RNA community not only by leading the SFB RNA REG during its first period but also by serving as vice-head of the Doctoral Program in RNA Biology for nine years.

Renée Schroeder and her alumni at the conference dinner of the Vienna RNA Meeting 2018.

The SFB RNA Regulation of the Transcriptome and the DK RNA Biology are funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the Medical University of Vienna and the University of Vienna. The event was funded by the FWF and by the MFPL.