E-mail: walter.rossmanith(at)
Phone: 0043 1 40160 37512
Research Group:
Institution: MedUniWien

Full member of the DoktoratsKolleg (DK) RNA Biology since 2014.

PhD students within/associated to the DK:
Sabrina Summer
Enxhi Hazisllari

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tRNA biology & mitochondria

We are interested in the biogenesis of tRNA molecules, and the structure, function, and evolution of the enzymes involved in this multistep process. Though we now use and study various eukaryal model systems, the origin and focus of our research is the human mitochondrial system. In this small genetic subsystem, the tRNAs have non-canonical structures and are frequently involved in the pathogenesis of a heterogeneous group of diseases. We are interested in structure-function relationships of mitochondrial tRNAs, their biogenesis, and their role in disease. We employ a variety of experimental approaches and model systems for our studies.


Publications: (since 2014)

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A novel HSD17B10 mutation impairing the activities of the mitochondrial RNase P complex causes X-linked intractable epilepsy and neurodevelopmental regression.
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