Michael NODINE

E-mail: michael.nodine(@)gmi.oeaw.ac.at
Phone: 0043 1 79044 9822
Research Group: www.gmi.oeaw.ac.at/research-groups/michael-nodine
Institution: Gregor Mendel Institute (GMI)

Full member of the DoktoratsKolleg (DK) RNA Biology since 2014 and of the Focus Regulatory RNA (SFB RNA Reg) since 2015.

PhD students within/associated with the DK RNA:

Aleksandra Plotnikova
Michael Schon

DK RNA Biology alumni & their thesis:

Stefan Lutzmayer: “Small interferring RNA dynamics and functions during Arabidopsis embryogenesis”

For complete list of group members please visit the Nodine group website.

Small RNA functions in plant embryos

The basic plant body plan is established during embryogenesis. However, despite its fundamental importance to both agriculture and developmental biology, the molecular mechanisms that regulate plant embryogenesis remain mostly uncharacterized. Studying the embryonic functions of regulatory RNAs will not only yield significant insights into the mechanistic basis of plant embryo development, but will also contribute to our general understanding of how regulatory RNAs influence cellular differentiation. For example, a class of ~21 nucleotide RNAs called microRNAs (miRNAs) play essential roles during plant embryo pattern formation and developmental timing. Interestingly, most plant embryonic miRNAs repress transcripts encoding transcription factors and other key developmental regulators. Our goal is to understand how small regulatory RNAs, including miRNAs, shape the gene regulatory networks that control plant embryogenesis. We will use a combination of cutting-edge experimental and computational approaches to achieve this aim.

Publications: (since 2014)

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