Current Position: Postdoc @ CIBIV, Max Perutz Labs

Research Group: L. Cochella
Email: philipp.dexheimer(at)

Research Group: S. Ameres


Current Position: Postdoc @ Alex Schier Lab (Harvard Universtiy / Biozentrum Uni Basel)


Current Position: Senior Consultant, Strategy, Life Sciences @ EY-Parthenon, Munich

Current Position: Postdoc @ Cancer Research Malaysia

Graduation: 15 May 2017

Thesis: Enhancer-responsiveness and –specificity of Core Promoters in Gene Transcription

Supervisor: Alex Stark (IMP)

Graduation: 18 June 2020

Thesis: Context-dependent regulation of immune homeostasis by TTP

Supervisor: Pavel Kovarik


Research Group: J. Martinez
Email: paola.pinto(a)

Research Group: B. Görke
Email: muna.khan(a)

Research Group: B. Görke
Email: svetlana.durica(a)

Graduation: 4 June 2020

Thesis: YBEY is an essential biogenesis factor for mitochondrial ribosomes

Supervisor: Walter Rossmanith (MedUni Vienna)

Current Position: Postdoc @ CIBIV, MFPL
Graduation: 25 May 2018

Current Position: Postdoc @ MPI for Evolutionary Biology

Graduation: 9 April 2018

Research Group: A. Köhler
Email: laura.gallego.valle(at)

Current Position: Postdoc/Staff Scientist @ Bioinformatics Leipzig

Graduation: 26 April 2018

Thesis: Design of context-sensitive, multi-stable RNA molecules

Supervisor: Ivo Hofacker (TBI, UniWien)

PhD with: R. Schroeder


Current Position: Regulatory CMC Associate Manager @ Sandoz

Current Position:


Current Position: Postdoc @ MedUni, Vienna

Current Position: tba

Current Position: Postdoc @ Dept. of Molecular Evolution and Development (Univ. Vienna)

Current Position: Postdoc @ CCRI, Vienna

Current Position: Global Associate Program Director @ Novartis

Current Position: Postdoc @ EMBL Heidelberg

Current Position: Postdoc @ IMP (Pavri lab)

Current Position: Christian Doppler Laboratory for Med. Radiation Research @ MedUni Wien

Current Position:  Senior Professional @ Shire Austria

Current Position: Head of Genome Engineering Services @ VBCF GmbH, Vienna

Current Position: Product Manager @ Lexogen, Vienna

Current Position:

Current Position: Postdoc @ University of Siena, Italy

Current Position: Postdoc @ University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Current Position: @ Marinomed Biotech AG, Vienna


Current Position: Postdoc @ MedUni, Vienna

Current Position: @ VBCF GmbH, Vienna

Current Position: Acquisitions Editor @ Taylor & Francis Group

Current Position: Postdoc @ MFPL

Current Position: Postdoc @ Caltech, Pasadena

PhD supervisor: I. Hofacker
Current Position: Postdoc @ Uni Freiburg

PhD supervisor: I. Hofacker
Current Position: Postdoc @ Bioinformatics Uni Leipzig

Email: pkerpedjiev(at)

Current Position: Postdoc @ Harvard Medical School


Current Position: Scientific Staff @ Laboratory of RNA Biology and Functional Genomics, PAS, Warsaw

Current Position: Postdoc @ GMI, Vienna


Current Position: Postdoc @ Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

Current Position: Postdoc @ CRG, Barcelona

Current Position: Postdoc @ Technical Univ. Vienna

Current Position: Postdoc @ MFPL

Current Position: Scientist @ Allcyte GmbH

Graduation: 12 May 2020

Thesis: A direct link between nuclear basket and the nuclear envelope

Supervisor: Alwin Köhler (Max Perutz Labs Vienna)

Current Position: @ LBI for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases, Vienna