RNA Network History of RNA


Congratulations to Pooja Bhat from the Ameres lab (IMBA) for successfully defending her PhD Defense “Dissecting gene expression dynamics during maternal to zygotic transition in Zebrafish” today! (read more)

Congratulations to Lucy Sneezum from the Kovarik Lab (Max Perutz Labs, UniWien) for successfully defending her PhD thesis “Context-dependent regulation of immune homeostasis by TTP” yesterday! (read more)


Congratulations to Sabrina Summer from the Rossmanith Lab (MedUni Vienna) for successfully defending her PhD thesis “YBEY is an essential biogenesis factor for mitochondrial ribosomes” today! (read more)

It is our pleasure to host Prof. Giovanni Capranico from the University of Bologna for an invited seminar about genome instability induced by G-quadruplex binders on 20 May 2020, 11:00 a.m.
Due to the current situation, the seminar will be held as virtual seminar online. (read more)