RNA Network History of RNA


Congratulations to DK RNA fellow Dhaarsini Koneswarakantha (group Martinez, MFPL) for receiving the prize for Best Elevator Talk at the EMBO Conference on Redox Biology 2017. (read more)

One more award for a DK RNA-associated student: Laura Gallego Valle (group A. Köhler, MFPL) received the L’Oreal Austria Fellowship for Young Female Scientists in Basic Research! (read more)


Congratulations to DK RNA fellows Aleksej Drino (MedUni Wien, group Schäfer) and Mostafa Elmaghray (IMBA, group Brennecke) for receiving the DOC Fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)! (read more)

The Schroeder lab has discovered a novel layer of transcription regulation in bacteria. The new findings have recently been published in the journal Molecular Cell:

Natural RNA Polymerase Aptamers Regulate Transcription in E. coli.  (read more)